Welcome to Vismaya Montessori House of Children

Thank you for expressing interest in our school on behalf of your child. Momitha We serve children from 2 years to 6 years. Montessori House of Children exclusively adopts the Montessori Method of education as the curriculum, observing standards set by the 'Association Montessori Internationale' (AMI). You can see how scientifically developed material help children learn abstract concepts. This time-tested method was created by Dr Maria Montessori in 1906 and has been sparking children’s enthusiasm and fostering their independence ever since.
Vismaya Montessori follows the Montessori methodology and strictly adheres to the Montessori principles.

Why Montessori

Because That children have an "absorbent mind" from birth to around age 6, possessing limitless motivation to achieve competence within their environment and to perfect skills and understandings.

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A Montessori program is based on self-direction, non-competitive and cooperative activities that help a child develop a strong self-image, high levels of academic and social competence

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People behind us

For every solid structure there needs to be 4 strong pillars. Ours “Pillars of Strength” are
Ms. Saritha Rani Sandila - Montessori Directress
Mr. Harish - Administrator

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